Design and New Construction

The heart of our professional portfolio is comprehensive design, shell fabrication and finish work for residential and light commercial buildings with high performance building envelopes. Typically this includes preconstruction HERS (Home Energy Rating System) modeling, general design work, frame to finish fabrication, as well as post construction testing and certification. All our projects feature low energy loads, high solar fractions, sealed combustion or non combustion auxiliary heat sources, central ventilation with heat recovery and high performance fenestration products. This all sounds very scientific, and it is, but we are also acutely aware of aesthetics, daylighting, and pleasant use of space, attributes necessary if a superlative building is to also be a warm comfortable home.

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Often we find that energy upgrades are secondary to more typical home improvements. For example, a residing project in Mont Vernon, NH offered an excellent opportunity to envelope the home with foil faced poly-iso insulation before applying new siding. This enabled us to reduce both convective and conductive heat loss as well as limit actual upgrade expenses to installing foam insulation and extending window trim. The residing expense was therefore a constant with or without the energy upgrade.

Similarly, a recent kitchen remodeling job in Milford, NH provided us with an opportunity to increase wall depth and employ closed cell polyurethane spray foam to enhance energy performance from the inside. In all cases we must be mindful of interstitial dew point issues and adequate combustion air for existing boilers, furnaces, free standing stoves and water heaters.

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Advanced Energy Projects

We are fully prepared to push the envelope should a client wish to build a LEED certified, Zero Net Energy, or Passivhaus certified home. We enjoy cordial relationships with architects, engineers, and Passivhaus certified designers who can collaborate with us in pursuing these goals.

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Alternative Energy Sources

In addition to reducing your HERS score through advanced building envelope work, we also collaborate with solar thermal, and solar electric design and install firms in an effort to reduce your carbon footprint from the supply side as well as reducing energy demand.

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